Year 3 Computing

We use the Teach Computing scheme of work to deliver the computing curriculum to ensure full coverage and progression in this specialised area. The children are also given opportunities to use their computing skills in other areas of the curriculum using desk top computers, laptops, chrome books and tablets.

Computing systems and networks

Creating media

Programming A

Data and information

Creating media

Programming B

Connecting computers Identifying that digital devices have inputs, processes, and outputs, and how devices can be connected to make networks.

Stop-frame animation Capturing and editing digital still images to produce a stop-frame animation that tells a story

Sequencing sounds Creating sequences in a block-based programming language to make music.

Branching databases Building and using branching databases to group objects using yes/no questions.

Desktop publishing Creating documents by modifying text, images, and page layouts for a specified purpose.

Events and actions in programs

Writing algorithms and programs that use a range of events to trigger sequences of actions.


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