Wintery Weather

In the event of extreme weather, heavy snowfall/severe ice, parents will be informed by text that the school will either be closed or open. If the school is open, but the travelling conditions are difficult, parents will be told that they should bring their child to school if they feel they can get here and home safely. We anticipate that there will be a staggered arrival of children, and no late marks will be given that day. If the school is closed, or the parents have made the decision that it is too dangerous to travel to school, the absence will be authorised. Parents of any children who have not arrived in school by break time will be contacted. If, however, the conditions improve during the morning and travelling is no longer an issue, the children are expected to come into school for the remainder of the morning or afternoon session. In the event that a pupil does not come in, this absence may be treated as unauthorised due to parents/carers keeping the child off unnecessarily. A reminder text will be sent to all parents of children who are absent due to the weather conditions at lunchtime.