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Celebrating the Daily Mile - 10 Years

Victorian Toys - This week, we have been comparing the toys of today to those in Victorian times. We recognised may of the older toys as those we still play with today. The children have been making their own peg dolls, thinking about the style of the Victorians, best materials to use and how to secure them into recognisable clothing. Here are some photos of the process. These are on display in St Anthony's Class for you to have a look at during Open Evening on Monday.

St Anthony’s Class have been using their acting skills this morning to present freeze frames of different events in the story of Oliver Twist which we are studying as our English text. We have been thinking carefully about facial expression, positioning and story-telling. We were also able to give constructive criticism with respect and consideration to the feelings of our peers.

We have started our new term topic - The Victorians. This week we have been working together to order key events chronologically throughout the Victorian era. We needed to use knowledge of Maths place value to achieve success.

Fun with our Fabulous 5s on Children in Need Day 2021

We remember the Fallen of past wars in this month of November. The children have been using a range of art medium to express their own vision and understanding.

Odd Socks Day. To begin Anti-Bullying Week 2021, we have been wearing and comparing our ODD SOCKS - all very different and unique socks, just like us.

AUTUMN TERM: St Anthony's Class are a group of Marvellous Musicians! This year, we are learning to play the Ukulele. It is quite tricky, but even in our first term of learning, we are all making good progress and making great music together.

AUTUMN TERM: Rangoli Patterns for Diwali

AUTUMN TERM: Maths is Fun! We are enjoying investigations in St Anthony's Class, demonstrating lots of our skills as well as collaborating, turn taking and sharing ideas.

AUTUMN TERM: St Anthony's Class show Racism the Red Card!

AUTUMN TERM: Practical Science - Forces

AUTUMN TERM: Black History Month - We have been listening to the speech of Dr Martin Luther King Jnr and recorded our own dreams for a better and brighter future. Here are some examples of our work.

AUTUMN TERM: Local Schools Cross-Country - We were delighted to have sent a Year 5 team to this event during Autumn 1 term. Here are the boys and girls teams from St Anthony's Class. We are all very proud of you and congratulate you on your fantastic efforts.

Parent Information Meeting 14.09.2021 Powerpoint Slides

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